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My Approach

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As an integrative therapist I am able to tailor my approach to meet your therapeutic focus and goals.


I am trained in person centred therapy, which is a model that believes that you are the expert on yourself and  that you hold your own solutions. As a therapist  I offer non judgemental support and I try to see the world through your eyes and experiences, it can be that those thoughts and feelings that may seem irrational to you, make sense in the context of your story. 

I am also trained to take a Psychodynamic approach which can focus more on the past, and explores how patterns formed back then, may be effecting your life today. 

The most important aspect of the way I work is the therapeutic relationship between us, I am not a therapist that is a blank screen. I believe a genuine connection is needed, and that we heal through relationship.

Additionally, if you are coming to see me as a survivor of sexual abuse or rape, I work with a trauma model , which supports you by exploring your experience in a safe, stable framework.

I am committed to keeping update to date with new ideas and research in therapy and I believe on going learning and training allows me to best support my clients.

I also use elements of ACT therapy and TIST in my work. 

Alongside these approaches I tend to work in a creative way, when this is appropriate and the client would like to work this way, working with the creative side of the brain can be more effective than talking alone. 

I offer a free 15 minute phone  consultation so we can learn more about each other and for us to get some idea of if we would be a good therapeutic match, this also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about how I work and counselling, before booking an assessment appointment but if you prefer to just book in that is fine too. 

I work with adults and young people 18+

*face to face


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